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Thirsty Bull

On display at the Elora Centre of the Arts from September 14 to October 2nd. Don't miss the opening night on Sep 14 between 7-9 pm! This painting is from my new collection which explores our relationship with water around the globe.


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abstract Realism




Weekends of Sep 23-24 and SEP 30-Oct 1


Welcome to my studio nestled in the heart of Fergus, conveniently marked as #28 on the brochure and map available here. This year, I’m thrilled to unveil a collection that delves into our intricate relationship with water across the globe.

Among the captivating pieces, I’m proud to present the centerpiece of this year’s collection, “Thirsty Bull,” a work that encapsulates the theme with its profound narrative. You can catch a glimpse of this captivating piece at the Elora Arts Centre from September 14th to October 1st.

Also on display will be Flags to Heal Our Planet in the garden. See description below. 

Mark your calendars for the grand opening on Thursday, September 14th. Join us as we kick off the Elora Fergus Studio Tour, 2023 with an evening of celebration. This event offers the perfect opportunity to connect not only with my art but also with a diverse community of fellow artists. Discover the stories behind each creation, soak in the atmosphere, and be a part of this vibrant artistic journey.

See you on September 14th for a great artistic soirée!


Sep 23-Oct 15


Step into a world where art intertwines with purpose, as we proudly introduce the “Flags to Heal Our Planet” project. Launched in support of Centre Wellington Culture Days, this initiative has engaged our community in three inspiring workshops to create flags brimming with messages of hope, awareness, and positive change. These flags, crafted with care and creativity, will be displayed at three prominent locations in town: 

Wellington County Multicultural Festival at the Wellington County Museum
Templin Gardens,
The Pavillion, at Provost Lane and St Andrews St., Fergus

The flags will also be displayed in my garden during the Elora Studio Tour 2023.

Each flag carries a piece of our collective commitment to a greener and more sustainable world. Come, be a part of this artful movement, witness the display of our intentions, and immerse yourself in a powerful visual tapestry that inspires action and reflection. Discover more about the project and the locations where the flags flutter in unity by visiting Fags to Heal Our Planet.

Join us on this meaningful journey, as we weave together a story of healing for our planet, one flag at a time .


Actively participating in group and solo shows since 2012.


Insights Arts

A signature juried event of the Elora Fergus Arts Coucil.


Elora Fergus Studio Tour

Elora Fergus Studio Tour is an annual event where over 40 local artists invite the public into their studios. 


Prince Edward County Studio Tour

Returned to the annual event as a guest this year. 


Art in Isolation PEC

Art in Isolation, Prince Edward County was a special online curated exhibition showing works of art created in 2020. Selected works were featured and published in a catalogue.


Art in the County, PEC

An curated online show, Prince Edward County. A signature event of PEC went online in 2020. 


Abstract Realism: Capturing Humanity and the World through Art

I am Indra Dosanjh, a self-taught artist with 40 years experience. I explore the familiar in abstract forms. My latest work merges mixed media techniques with abstract layers to convey a distinct realism.

This year’s collection delves into humanity’s diverse connection with water around the world.

With an Indo-African background and experience spanning four continents, my art is infused with heightened awareness of social issues, the human condition, and our planet’s fate. My work mirrors this rich journey.

Experience the world through this lens—a celebration of abstract allure intertwined with a compelling global narrative.

My work is held privately in homes and corporate offices. 

- Indra DOsanjh